Ghevar recipe – Rajasthani ghevar


Ghevar is tradition Indian sweet dish. It is disc shaped sweet cake, prepared with all purpose flour. Freshly made ghevar have soft and crispy texture. This sweet delicacy looks so tempting like honeycomb, it has light orange colour. It is easy to prepared with few ingredient but technique of making it little tricky. For making perfect ghevar follow my foolproof recipe and cooking instruction with step by step photos.

Ghevar is traditional dessert and very popular in Rajasthan and some other northern part of India this dessert is a part of rituals and custom. But with the time demand of this old and wonderful sweet decreased. There are lots of sweet dishes invented with time and become popular than those traditional dishes. During shravan month and some special festival you will definitely find this delicious sweet in lots of sweet shops.

Ghevar is one of the 56 bhog dishes ( 56 varieties of food offered to god ). It is mostly prepared during festival season and for celebration. Ghevar is also gifted to newly married girls by their parents as blessing for her happy married life during teej festival as a ritual.


There is no detailed history available about its origin, but it is believe that ghevar originated in the state of Rajasthan(Indian state) and popular through out north India. It is also famous in the adjoining states of Haryana, Delhi, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh(in western parts), Madhya Pradesh and Uttarakhand. It is associated with teej and Rakshabandhan, these festival consider incomplete without ghevar sweet.


Main Ingredients use in ghevar is all purpose flour, clarified butter, sugar and dry fruits. There are two type of ghevar, sweet and unsweetened available in the market. Sweet ghevar prepared in many ways like with paneer, mawa, malai and milk. Sweeten ghevar also topped with rabri, cream or dry fruits.

Shelf life

Ghevar is prepared with all purpose flour, fried in ghee/oil and later dipped into the sugar syrup. Unsweeten ghevar can be store for 20-30 days and sweet should be consume within 3-7 days. If you are making other variation like mawa, paneer ghevar, topped with rabri or cream, consume it within a day or two.


To make ghevar main ingredients needed are clarified butter, all purpose flour, milk and sugar. Ghevar batter is prepared with clarified butter, flour, milk and water. Oil/ghee is used for frying, sugar syrup for sweet taste and some dry fruits for garnishing.

To make batter in a bowl mix and rub clarified butter and ice cubes together until it turn fluffy and soft. Add Flour, milk mix well to get lump free batter, add water to adjust batter consistency. To get the perfect ghevar, consistency of batter and technique of making it both are important steps.

For shaping ghevar thin stream of batter pour into the hot oil. Generally it is prepared with ghevar mould but I am not using mould. Right temperature of oil is important for perfect crispy ghevar. You have to be very patience while pouring batter. Thin stream and continuous pouring give perfect shape to ghevar. When done it will look like golden brown honeycomb.

Take out ghevar from oil and you can dunked it into the cardamom flavoured sugar syrup. I like light sweet flavour so I pour some syrup on ghevar by placing it on wired rack. At the end garnish it with some dry fruits and it is done. Delicious and tasty ghevar is ready to enjoy.

Important points

  1. Batter should be smooth and lump free.
  2. Batter should be of right consistency.
  3. You can also fry ghevar in ghee.
  4. Oil should be hot enough and fry ghevar in high heat.
  5. Sugar syrup should not be thin, it will make ghevar soggy or soft.
  6. Sugar syrup can be flavoured with kesar/saffron.

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Prepare batter for ghevar

  1. In a large, wide mixing bow or any broad plate add room temperature ghee or clarified butter.
  2. Add ice cubes and mix by using hand until turn fluffy, smooth and light(Rub ghee and ice cubes vigorously).

  3. When ghee turn smooth and whitish, remove ice cubes.
  4. Add all purpose flour, small amount at a time. Mix with ghee until all purpose flour crumble well.
  5. Add chilled milk and mix well, make sure no lumps form in batter.
  6. Add water in batches and mix by using whisk until it become smooth (no lump), thin and runny consistency.
  7. Add lime juice and give it a good mix. Keep batter aside.
    Making and frying ghevar
  1. In a deep pan heat oil/clarified butter. I am not using any mould, so making it in narrow deep pan.
  2. Take a ladle. Filled it with batter. Oil should be hot enough.
  3. Keep flame high and start pouring batter into the hot oil in a thin stream.
  4. Batter start splatter and later the froth subsides, pour another spoon of batter. Repeat and pour around 3 ladle of batter.
  5. Let it cook for some time. When it turn golden brown and looks like a honey comb, take it out from oil/ghee.
  6. For removing it from ghee/oil first carefully remove it from sides of pan. By using knife or spoon pick it up from centre and remove.

  7. Shake of any excess oil.

For preparing sugar syrup

  1. For making sugar syrup take a deep pan. Add sugar and water.

  2. For flavouring add 1 green cardamom.
  3. Stir continuously until sugar dissolve completely. Add lime juice.
  4. We need 1 string sugar syrup for chandrakala. When you get one string sugar syrup immediately switch of the heat.

Serving ghevar

  1. Chopped some dry fruits like pistachio and almonds.
  2. Place ghevar on wired rack so the excess amount of sugar syrup can pass through from ghevar.
  3. Start pouring sugar syrup on the ghevar with spoon, Pour it into the centre and then around the sides.
  4. Garnish ghevar with chopped almonds and pistachio.
  5. Ghevar is ready to serve.


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