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crispy soya caps

Soya caps-

This is soya caps recipe or crispy soya caps recipe. soya caps are easy to make with few ingredients. crispy soya caps are perfect teatime snack for your friends and family. these crispy soya caps and delicious soya murukku are made of soya bean flour. this is an easy recipe to make crispy soya caps at home with detailed step-by-step instruction.

main ingredients in making crispy soya snacks are, soya bean flour and chat masala. chat masala is one of the Indian masala used to make variety of snacks and dishes. soya caps is a great afternoon or evening snack and well goes with coffee or tea.

I usually prepare this crispy soya caps recipe every week and keep it as a home made snack for my family. soya caps are very rich in protein and fibre and healthier also. once i was preparing rice flour murukku and thought of experimenting with it, so I replaced rice flour with soya bean flour and made crispy soya caps and it was very tasty.

To prepare soya caps recipe, you can also add more masala to the dough mixture though i prefer to keep it simple and lite. i have chosen caps shaped plate but you can also give your desired shape to it. you can also add besan to it.

 Shelf life-

  1. you can keep the dough for 2 days if refrigerated
  2. prepared soya caps will last for a week in an air tight container

Important points-

  1. Make sure you are not using very old soybean flour.
  2. Do not fry soya caps on very high heat as it can burn them.

I have also made some more snacks such as Masala nachos and Banana chips.

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soya caps

Course: Snack
Cuisine: Indian
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  • 2 cups soya bean flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp chilli powder
  • 2 tbsp chat masala
  • 2 tsp oil
  • water


  • first add soya bean flour, salt, chilli powder, chat masala, oil and mix it well 
  • now add water and knead a very soft dough
  • cover it for 10 min 
  • take a big portion and make a cylindrical shape
  • now take a murukku maker and choose your desired shaped plate
  • insert the dough inside the murukku maker and tighten it
  • press the murukku maker and drop the soya caps in hot oil
  • fry until golden brown on medium heat
  • your crispy soya caps are ready

Soya caps recipe step by step with photos –

  1. Take a bowl and add soya bean flour, salt, chilli powder ,chat masala ,oil and mix it wellsoya-caps1soya-caps2
  2. add some water and knead a very soft doughsoya-caps3soya-caps4
  3. now cover it and rest it for 10 minutessoya-caps5
  4. take a big portion of the dough and roll it a cylindrical shapesoya-caps6
  5. now take a murukku makersoya-caps7
  6. use the cap shaped plate or else use any other desired shape as wellsoya-caps8
  7. fill the dough inside the murukku maker soya-caps9
  8. close and tighten the murukku makersoya-caps10
  9. press the murukku maker and drop the soya caps in hot oilsoya-caps11
  10. fry it until becomes golden brown on medium high heatsoya-caps12
  11. your crispy soya caps are ready



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