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mango cheese cake | no bake cake

Mango cheese cake – no bake cake

Cheese cake is a sweet dessert consisting one or more layers. As the name suggests, Mango cheese cake is a mango flavoured cheese cake with main ingredients as mango pulp and cream cheese.  I will not be using egg in preparation, so it will be a ‘no bake cake’.

Cheese cake and it’s flavours

Cheese cake’s base is generally made with crushed cookies, crackers or sponge cake. Medium layer have cream cheese and eggs or some time fruits and fruits puree, and it is topped with fruits, fruit sauce or caramel depend on flavour you want. Cheese cake can be prepared in many flavours such as blueberry, mango, raspberry, strawberry, caramelised, lemon, chocolate etc.

Cheese cakes are perfect dessert to serve to your guest on special occasion like birthdays, weddings and anniversary. Buttery base, creamy cheese and a perfect balanced sauce can do magic. It is a rich tasty dessert which everyone enjoys even if in smaller portions are consumed by calorie conscious.

These cakes are versatile and can be flavoured in many different ways, all cheese cake’s taste amazing. I have several that find place in my favourites list, but mango cheese cake tops this list. I am big fan of mango’s. I was brought up eating mango’s which are directly plucked from mango farm – completely fresh, juicy sweet. Mango is a summer fruits, during summer I continue to make mango dishes such as mango ice-cream, mango shake, mango lassi, mango pastries and many more.

So I thought why not mango cheese cake, combine two tasty things in to one. Cheesecake flavoured with fresh mango pulp what could be a better dessert that will be invigorate taste buds.

I have my first cheese cake during my stay in Canada, as at that time cheese cake was not so popular in India. I love Indian dessert, but if you give me choice to pickup from my favourite Indian dessert gajar halwa and cheese cake without thinking I would directly jump to cheese cake.

Cheese cake in india –

In India cheesecakes are gaining popularity,  many cafe’s and food joint started serving cheese cake before cheese cake were only find at five star hotels. You can make this delicious dessert at home with very few ingredient. In india cream cheese is not so popular still there are few brands which have started selling cream cheese like britannia, amul, natural etc.

But you know indian has its own version of cheese cake known as chhena poda, chhena poda is popular Oriya(Odisha) dish. Chhena poda traditionally prepared with cottage cheese or chhena, sugar, cardamom and nuts.

Lets make this delicious – no egg and no bake mango cheese cake conveniently at home and most importantly let’s have fun while doing this.

It’s a foolproof recipe –

For preparing mango cheese cake we need few ingredient , and it is very simple and easy to make but small mistakes can ruin the cheesecake. If you are not sure how to make perfect cheesecake or you have tried cheese cake many times but it did not come out good, this is the perfect recipe for you. I have tried mango cheesecake quite few times before this but failed, so I know the mistakes and suggest you to follow this recipe step by step exactly to get that perfect soft, smooth, properly set cheese cake.

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Printable recipe –

Mango cheese cake recipe step by step with photos –

  1. Take digestive biscuits in a ziplock bag and bang it with a rolling pin to make crumbs. (If you don’t have a ziplock bag, use a normal thick plastic bag).
  2. When done transfer it to a bowl.Add melted butter to it. Mix well.

  3. Now take a cake pan of around 8.5 inch diameter. Add the crushed biscuit to it. Use a spoon or glass to make it smooth and spread evenly all over the pan.
    Refrigerate it for 30 minutes.
  4. Take chilled cream cheese in a bowl. Beat it until its soft using a beater.
  5. Add powdered sugar to it. Mix well.
  6. Now using a spatula shift cream cheese on one side of the bowl. Add chilled whip cream on the empty side of the bowl. Beat it until stiff peaks are formed.

  7. Now add mango pulp to it. Mix well.
  8. Add lime juice and gelatin to it. Mix well.
    (For gelatin, mix hot water and gelatin. Let it cool then use)

  9. Now transfer it to the cake pan. (Make sure the biscuit layer is completely set for at least 30 minutes)
  10. Use some mango pulp in a spoon and add it on the batter. Make the circle of dots al over it. Now use a toothpick or skewer and move it all around the cake in circular motion. It will create the desired design. When done, refrigerate it for 8-10 hours.
  11. Take out the cake, and unmould it. (I prefer a hair dryer to heat up the side of the cake pan, it makes the unmoulding process smooth)
  12. Serve Chilled!

Hope you like this recipe, try this foolproof recipe at your home and give treat to yourself with this delicious mango cheesecake. If come out good please come back here and let me know in comments how you liked it.

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