Recipes for Navratri

16 vrat recipes for Navratri

Here is a collection of vrat recipes which are easy to make at home. These vrat recipes can be prepared during Navratri. You can prepare all these Navratri recipes in just 30 minutes. India is a very diverse country, vrat or fast is an integral part of Indian culture. Different community and people have different way of fasting.

It’s Navratri time that is 9 days festival so it’s time to prepare these vrat recipes. Devotees worship 9 avatars of goddess and they do fasting for 9 days to pay their gratitude to goddess Durga. Nine days fasting is a very long time, so it is better to prepare your meal plans in advance. Here I am sharing some quick and easy recipes to consume during Navratri.

Savoury vrat recipes for Navratri

  1. Sabudana Khichadi

Most of the people have this recipe in almost every fast or Vrat recipe, it is easy and quick to make. You can prepare his Sabudana khichadi by using few ingredients. In some parts of India people enjoy sabudana khichadi for breakfast as it is very light and healthy. Sabudana(Tapioca pearls) or sago pearl is high in starch and keep you full for longer time.


2. Sabudana wada 

If you are big foodie, and not too much health conscious then try these fried sabudana wada for this vrat recipe. It’s my all time favourite dish. you will find these wada on Indian streets. Sabudana wada is crispy from outside and soft from inside. Delicious sabudana wada is served with spicy green chutney, you can enjoy sabudana wada during fast/vrat.

3. Kuttu Paratha 

Indians are so much obsessed with breads, but during Vrat, we can not have wheat flour, so kuttu Paratha is one of the best replacement of chapati or breads, Kuttu paratha is made from kuttu flour and Potato, so must include this amazing healthy kuttu paratha on your navratri menu as it’s very healthy.

4. Singhara Pakora

During fast singhara pakora is best tea time snacks, these crispy pakora are so delicious, prepared by singhara flour and potato, and as good as regular onion pakora’s.you can enjoy pakora with mint coriander chutney.

Dessert vrat recipes –

Desserts are every one’s favourite, in India most of the desert made by milk, so there are lots of sweet dishes that can included in vrat menu.

1. Coconut Barfi

Coconut barfi is so easy to make, you can prepare it at home by very few handy ingredient from you kitchen, this is very quick recipe. traditionally coconut barfi made by coconut, ghee, sugar and milk. you will find coconut barfi almost every other sweet shop during festivals.check out the recipe of this delicious sweet dish.

2. Shakarkandi halwa 

Shakarkandi halwa made by sweet potato, sweet potato is power packed with nutrition. because of its creamy texture well go with any sweet and savoury dishes. Shakarkandi halwa or sweet potato halwa  is one of the most popular dessert to have it during vrat or fast. Sweet potato is rich in Vitamin A. It’s also a good source of vitamin C and B6.


3. Khajur Barfi 

This is only the sweet dish that don’t contain sugar, you can have this barfi as much you want, its not gonna disbalance you blood sugar level, made by one of the healthiest sweet fruits dates,high in minerals and vitamins, help to prevent from many diseases. so what could be the batter option then khajur barfi during fast.


4. Kaju Katli 

Another tasty Indian dessert made by cashews, milk and sugar, sliced in to diamond shape and cover with silver work it is also considered one of the luxurious sweet, Kaju kati very rich, creamy and nutty in flavour. it has all nutritions of cashews. good source of monounsaturated fat and protein.you can prepared kaju kati easily and quickly at home.


5. Aam Papad 

Aam papad is best snack if you have sweet craving, aam is called king of fruits, we indian are lucky that we have tropical weather and most of the aam varieties grown here, hapus aam is famous in all over world for its sweetness and taste. it is very easy to make aam papad, you can enjoy it during fast.

6. Rasmalai 

Another very popular sweet dish, Ras means juice and malai means cream, so its a creamy juicy sweet dessert of india,originated in bengal, i love its spongy texture and goodness of milky syrup.


Drinks for vrat or fast –

1. Mango Lassi 

Lassi  famous north Indian dish, people have chilled lassi during summers, because it contain curd that help in digestion, Mango lassi made by adding mangos pieces in curd and blend it smooth.its quite hot in India during summers, so it is very important to keep our self hydrated lassi is one of the option which can make you feel cool during summers.


2. Shrikhand 

shrikhand is traditional Indian dish from western India specially from Maharashtra and Gujarat.shrikhand made by hung curd, there are lots of varieties available in market. my favourite is mango flavoured also called Amrakhand.


3. Mint lemonade 

Mint lemonade is refreshing drink, quickly prepared by fresh lemon, mint and sugar, mint is cool in nature. its a ultimate summer drink turn me on during summer days.

4. Watermelon cooler

watermelon cooler is one of my favourite summer drink.watermelon have 90% water content, very refreshing fruit, keep you cool and hydrated during summer.


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