Chandrakala recipe – home made chandrakala

Chandrakala –

Chandrakala is traditional dessert from Indian sub continent. All purpose flour, mawa and sugar syrup are the main ingredients. Outer layer of chandrakala prepared with all purpose flour. It is flaky in texture, it is stuffed with mawa and dry fruit, fried in ghee and later glazed in sugar syrup. In this recipe I will show you how to make this sweet dish step by step with pictures.

It is similar to gujiya or i might say it is combination of balusahi and gujiya(indian desserts). Covering layer of chandrakala is prepared same as balusahi and it is glazed in sugar syrup and chandrakala stuffed and fried as gujiya. Chandrakala is soft and flaky in texture. This is a traditional sweet dish and mostly prepared at home during festival like diwali and holi.

I have heard about chandrakala, but never tried them. Recently I visited nearby sweet shop and saw these little glazed ball. I thought it is balushahi, when I asked shopkeeper, he simply explained me these are chandrakala, kind of stuffed balushahi. I bought it for my family. it was so fresh and delicious and I decided to make this delectable dish at home.

I started googling about chandrakala like, where it is originated. Traditionally how it is prepared and available variations. About the origination, I am not sure but I think this recipe is popular in north India, Bengal and some part of south India.

Variations –

Chandrakala is prepared in two shapes, Round like a son and half moon. Half moon shape is called chandrakala (because chandra means moon and its look like half moon) and round one is called suryakala( It has a round shape like sun), but generally both variation is referred as chandrakala. It is also vary in terms of stuffing.

Ingredient and method –

Chandrakala is very delicious and exotic dessert. The process of making this dish is lengthy and effort taking but the out come is so wonderful, when you have a bite of this delicious dish you will taste all your effort.

Chandrakala is prepared with simply available ingredient, for stuffing I used coconut and jaggery, for outer layer all purpose flour and ghee, for sugar syrup, sugar and water, and some pistachio for garnishing.

This dish is prepared in 4 steps- first we make stuffing, I am using coconut and jaggery for stuffing. Stir both ingredient in clarified butter. You can also add dry fruits in the same stuffing or use mawa instead of jaggery and coconut.

2nd step is to prepare dough for making outer layer of Chandrakala. Texture of chandrakala is depends on its dough. To get that perfect flaky texture add right amount of ghee and knead it to a perfect consistency is important.

3rd step is to make sugar syrup- while your dough is resting you can utilise this time and make sugar syrup. We need exactly one string consistency sugar syrup for chandrailkala.   I have added cardamom for flavouring. You can also flavour it by using rose water or saffron.

Last and final step is – assembling chandrakala, frying and glazed into the sugar syrup. For assembling take a portion from the dough and roll it to a big circle. By using cookie cutter or sharp edge bowl, make small circle from the big circle. For one piece of chandrkala, we need two small circle, so accordingly prepare number of circles with dough. Take a small circle, place stuffing in to the centre, cover it with another circle and seal it.

For frying heat a pan add oil/ghee, fry chandrakal on low medium heat so it can cook properly inside out without burning. Take out chandraka from frying pan and immediately transfer to the hot sugar syrup. Roll it into the sugar syrup so it can evenly coated. Leave it for 10 minutes. Finally remove it from sugar syrup and garnish with pistachio and serve.

Shelf life –

Chandrakala have good shelf life as these are fried dessert. You can store them for 6-8 days in fridge. I used fresh coconut so it can be consumed for 6-8 days but if you are making chnadrakala using mawa filling do not store it longer than 5-6 days.

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Important points –

  1. You can stuff chandrakal with mawa along with dry fruits.
  2. you can use desiccated coconut instead of fresh coconut.
  3. Do not cook sugar syrup more than one string consistency.
  4. Knead a little stiff dough for outer layer.
  5. Fry chandrakala in low-medium heat so it can be perfectly cook inside out without getting burn.
  6. It is little tricky to make design on edges, if you find it difficult use fork to seal it.
  7. I have flavoured sugar syrup with cardamom, It can be flavoured  with saffron or rose water.
  8. After taking out chandrakala from frying pan immediately transfer to the hot sugar syrup so chandrakala absorb sugar syrup nicely.

Watch video –

Printable recipe –

Chandrakala recipe step by step with photos –

For stuffing

  1. Heat a Pan, add 1 tsp ghee or clarified butter.
  2. Add freshly grated coconut (only white part remove outer layer) and jaggery to the pan.
  3. Mix all ingredient well. Continuously stir until jaggery melt down and mixture comes together.
  4. Switch off heat and transfer mixture to the bowl.

For outer layer –

  1. In a mixing bowl add all purpose flour/ maida and clarified butter
  2. Mix both ingredient well until mixture become crumbly.
  3. Now start adding water little at a time to knead a stiff dough.
  4. When kneading is done cover and leave it for 10 minutes.
  5. After 10 minutes again knead it, take a small portion from the dough. Roll between your palm and gently flatten it.
  6. Start rolling dough ball to a round shape make a circle of 2-3 inch diameter.
  7. Take cookie cutter or circular lid of any container and cut in to circle. You can also use sharp edge bowl.
  8. For making one chandrakala piece we need 2 small dough circles. follow same process and make small circles with rest of the dough.

Making sugar syrup –

  1. For making sugar syrup take a deep pan. Add sugar and water.
  2. Stir continuously until sugar dissolve completely.
  3. We need 1 string sugar syrup for chandrakala. When you get one string sugar syrup immediately switch of the heat. Keep it aside.

Assembling and frying chandrakala –

  1. Take one small circle, place 1 tbsp mixture in the centre of the circle.
  2. Apply water on the edges of the circle.
  3. Cover it with another dough circle, gently press on the edges so it can seal properly.
  4. To make twisting pattern on the edges of chandrakala, gently twist edge and pinch ( as shown in photos) again twist and with the same process to seal whole circle.
  5. Repeat same process with rest of the circles and stuffing.
  6. Take deep pan, heat oil/ghee on low-medium heat. slid chandrakala to the hot oil.
  7. Fry them on low medium heat, rotate continuously until they turn golden brown.
  8. Take them out and drop in to hot sugar syrup, leave them into the sugar syrup for 10 minutes.
  9. Remove chandrakala from sugar syrup and garnish with some pistachio.

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