Pani puri recipe – golgappa recipe

In this recipe learn how to make pani puri recipe at home. This is a very crunchy pani puri recipe.

what is pani puri recipe?

Pani puri recipe is popular Indian street food, pani puri is a small round puffed puri filled with mashed potato and spiced water. Pani puri recipe has several names like golgappa recipe, puchka, panipuri, fulki, gupchup, in english people may refer this as water bomb. These homemade pani puri are little puffy crispy ball filled with some spicy and soft fillings generally mashed potato, chickpeas or white peas and topped with tangy flavoured water. Making these pani puri recipe at home is very easy to make.

Pani puri recipe or golgappa recipe  is one of the most popular street food and when crushed in your mouth ,they explode with flavours. It is one of favourite food to hang on to it while you hit the street for some chatpata food. I always start my weekend with plate of golgappa by the roadside.

There are huge varieties of easy pani puri recipe or golgappa recipe, you will find –  dahi puri, sev puri are some of most popular varieties. Pani puri has several names at different region, its taste also varies from region to region. Every region developed its own taste of pani puri recipe according to their preferences.
Dahi puri is one of the famous variety, it is filled with mashed potato or chikpeas and topped with curd, tamarind chutney, sev and onion.

How to make pani puri?

During my stay abroad, I used to miss Indian street food, and I used to have only option to make it at home. Whenever it was time to miss home, miss street food then I learned how to make pani puri recipe. I generally would make lot of street food at home mostly homemade pani puri and chaat.

Pani puri or golgappa recipe is one of my favourite street food and it is must-have snacks when ever we visit street. It is light, tasty and delicious. It name is just enough to fire up my tastebuds. Whenever I pass through any panipuri stall, the smell of tangy water stop me, and it actives my other senses while I have one.

You can easily make this wonderful street food at home. Street golgappa are tasty however they use chemical to make crispy golgappa and preservatives to keep them for longer time. There are also news around hygiene factors while making golgappa and its water. There are places where shops sell mineral water based golgappa as well. If you are craving for golgappa, either make it at home or find a place with good hygiene.

Important Notes for making easy pani puri recipe

1. Dough should be stiff and evenly rolled, if dough is thick you will end up having soft puri.

2. edges of puri should be even so use sharp cutter or bowl to cut golgappa.

3. Instead of mashed potato you can fill golgappa with white peas or chickpeas.

4. Do not fry golgappa in very hot oil, they can burn easily.

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Making Puri –

1. In a mixing bowl add semolina, all purpose flour and salt.

2. Mix all ingredient, add water as needed to knead a stiff dough.

3. Cover the dough and leave it for 10 minutes.

4. Take a portion from the dough, roll between your palm and gently flatten it.

5. Dust some flour on rolling board. Start rolling dough in to a thin and even round shape. Make a large circle.(dough should be rolled even and thin for perfect puris)

6. Using cookie cutter or small bowl, cut small round circle from the rolled dough.

7. Gently drop the puri into the hot oil slightly press it, they will start puffing up.

8. Continuously rotate puri and fry until they turn golden brown.


9. Drain fried puri on kitchen paper towel.


10. Puris are ready, let them cool down completely and keep  into air tight jar.


Prepare Pani for panipuri –

1. Add handful of coriander leaves and mint leaves in to the blender.
2. Add spices like pain puri masala, amchur powder, black salt, salt and green chilli.

3. Add some water and blend all ingredient to a smooth paste.

4. Transfer paste to a big mixing bowl and add 4 cups of chilled water.

5. Mix well and strain the liquid to remove all small chunks.


6. Add crispy boondi to pani puri water.

Assembling pani puri

1. In a mixing bowl take boil and mash potato. Spice up potato’s with finely chopped onion, coriander leaves, chaat masala and salt.
2. Take a puri make a small hole with the finger.

3. Add filling (potato mixture) and pain puri water.

pani-puri-recipe-6 pani-puri-recipe-5
4. crushed in you mouth.

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